E-Gaming tournament Organizer, Game God, and Promoter:

The Chincoteague Center- Chincoteague VA

            The Center is looking for a very special individual to help us organize and host a regular (possibly monthly) E-Gaming tournaments. This is a contract position to help us get established and an opportunity to grow our business as well as offer a new revenue generating service the community. We need someone that LOVES gaming, is highly organized, and especially connected to the local gaming community. 


            We believe there are thousands of gamers between Cape Charles and Salisbury that would kill for an outlet to get out and prove they are the True Champions of Mario Smash, The MVP of Madden, or a Hero in Call of Duty. We have a 9,000 sq/ft foot facility made for this kind of gathering: Hi-Speed internet, a rock’n sound system, a 120" HD projector screen, concessions, a huge stage for a Grand Finale "Throw down," and more!

What we don’t have is someone to help us tap into this market.

            If this sounds like you, or someone you know of please give us a call at (757) 336-0614 or send an email to center@thechincoteaguecenter.com  with the subject line Tournament Mstr/and your last name.

Please include any material you feel would help convince us you are the true "God of the Gaming Universe" and we can set up a time for you to check out our facility.

Let’s make this happen!