It is not required for your group to clean-up after the function. If you would like for the Center to do so, an hourly charge , with a 4 hour minimum charge. If you would like to do the clean-up in whole or part, a few helpful guidelines are listed below.

1. Chairs are stacked in groups of 13. Chair dollies are available for ease of movement.  Please do not drag chair stacks across the floor; the end result will be a floor requiring repair and re-waxing charges, imposed on you. Chairs are stored in the closet off Classroom 1 (room with mirrors on wall).

2. Tables are stacked on table dollies. Please stack tables to the height of the push handle of the dolly. DO NOT drag tables across Center floors! Tables are stored in the closet in the Main Hall by the back cargo door.

3. Remember to designate someone to empty trash cans during the event. Trash bags are located in the janitorial closet in the Main Hall directly by the entrance doors from the lobby. The closet is open for your use. Large bags are located on the shelving units.

4. Trash should be removed and placed in the large trash container located outside the caterer’s kitchen door. New trash liners should be put in all containers.

5. The floor should be swept free of debris. A dust mop and broom are left in the janitorial closet for your convenience.

6. It is not required for your group to mop the floor but if a spill does occur, please use the mop located in the janitorial closet to wipe up the spillage. This will help prevent anyone from slipping on a wet floor.

7. The use of sand, water pools, lighted candles, confetti or silly string for decorating use is
prohibited in Center. Any questions, please contact the Center office.

8. Kitchen should be cleaned, utensils washed, counters wiped down and all food disposed of.

9. All lights should be turned off and doors locked.

If your group is cleaning up after an event and you wish a full return of the security deposit, a general rule of thumb is to leave the building as you found it with all chairs and tables put away, trash, food/rubbish removed, and floors swept of any debris.  Mopping is not required.