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Executive Director

Full Time Position

General Description
The Chincoteague Center is a 9,000 sq. ft. venue that supports moderately-sized conferences and conventions, corporate meetings, weddings, festivals and community-based events. The Chincoteague Center Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of the management of the Center including supervision of staff, marketing, client relations and transactions, outreach, scheduling and Center finances. The Executive Director reports to the Chair of the Board of Commissioners. The Center Executive Director is supported by an administrative assistant, a facilities management assistant and a part-time bookkeeper.

Salary Range
Salary is commensurate with experience.

Specific Functions

  • Promotes and markets the facility as a venue for corporate, private and community events.

  • Represents Chincoteague Center by participating in meetings with groups, committees or representatives of the local and regional community and corporate entities to promote the Center.

  • Provides prospective clients with tours and information about the Center and its services.

  • Negotiates and signs contracts with clients for the use of Chincoteague Center following established business practices.

  • Plans, coordinates, attends and evaluates Center events.

  • Maintains a complete file of each event, including the contract, payments, floorplan, special instructions, notes, final evaluation of the event and any other relevant information. 

  • Prepares the annual Chincoteague Center budget for approval by the Board and fully operates within the budget constraints.

  • Attends all regular Board meetings and provides a Director’s report and a financial report.

  • Maintains a file documenting all Chincoteague Center procedures, practices, and policies.

  • Remains current on convention, conference and hospitality industry trends.

  • Is thoroughly familiar with state and local regulations regarding food and beverage service. 

  • Maintains a list of reliable, approved vendors and hourly help for food and bar service.

  • Coordinates arrangements with event caterers and designers. 

  • Hires, supervises, sets employee goals, annually evaluates Center employees and delegates tasks as needed.

  • Works a flexible schedule with evening and weekend time depending on scheduled events.

  • Actively recruit volunteers for staff support and event management.

  • Oversees the continued maintenance and upkeep of the facility, grounds, and systems and equipment.

  • Plan, coordinate, and execute capital improvement plans for the facility.

  • Attends Town Council meetings whenever possible, and reports to the Council on Center activities at least once a year but preferably quarterly. 

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Board.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Is able to multi-task, solve problems and respond quickly and calmly in adverse situations.

  • Has excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Is able to work independently with minimal supervision.

  • Is proficient with Microsoft Office and social media.

  • Is familiar with business and bookkeeping practices, and some knowledge of QuickBooks is desirable.

Education and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or Associate’s Degree in a relevant field is preferred.

  • 2-5 years management experience preferred.

To Apply
Resume, list of at least 3 references, and one-page cover letter that conveys why you are well suited for this position and how it fits into your career should be emailed to . Address cover letters to the Members of the Search Committee.  Applications will be accepted through Friday, August 16th, 2019.

The Chincoteague Center is an equal opportunity employer.

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