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A few frequently asked questions...


How far in advance may I book my rental?

The Chincoteague Center takes bookings up to 24 months in advance.


Can I come anytime to view the building, to meet my caterer or florist, etc.?

The Center may be toured by appointment. Please call the office to schedule an appointment before arriving to make sure the building is available for viewing; it may be in use.


What is the process for reserving a rental space?

All rentals are first come, first serve. A non refundable Holding fee of $150 is required to "lock down" your date. The Holding Fee will be applied to your formal lease contract. One-half (1/2) of the total formal rental fee will be required when the contract lease is signed.


When may I come by to make my reservation and sign my contract?

Contracts may be signed in person by appointment. We ask that you call in advance to check staff availability and to schedule an appointment. You may also download, sign, scan and email back the documents, which are available by request. 


Is there a security deposit in addition to my rental charge?

Yes. All rentals require a security deposit of $250.00 or $500.00 depending on the size of your event. Deductions may be made for damage, excessive cleaning, or time used beyond the contracted period. You will be responsible for any damages exceeding deposit amount.


How late can I stay?

Your event must end and all guests must vacate the premises by the end of your rental period. We do not rent past 12:00am (midnight), including your clean up time.


What if we’re having a great time and stay later than our rental period?

You risk the loss of your security deposit if you stay past your contracted rental period. No events are allowed past midnight, inside or outside the building.


How many parking spaces are available?

The Center has 3 large parking lots with ample handicapped spaces. However, other functions may be going on in the building and the amount of spaces available to your party is not guaranteed. Overflow parking is available for larger groups, ask us for details.

May I choose my own vendors?

The Center has provided you with a selection of Preferred Vendors, available on our website, but you are of course free to choose any Virginia-licensed caterer or any DJ, florist, photographer, etc. you like. Our catering kitchen facilities, including refrigerators and microwaves, are available to the caterers.

(Contact your caterer early to determine what services will be provided. Many caterers have or will develop packages to include setup/decoration, service and cleanup, as well as linens, china, centerpieces, etc. Many caterers are also able to facilitate your needs regarding other vendors in order to obtain floral services, photography, entertainment, transportation, etc.)


May I have a DJ or band for my reception or event?

Yes. The Town of Chincoteague does have a standing noise ordinance and the Center is located very close to a residential area. This noise ordinance is complaint-driven and the rental party may be asked to turn down or turn off any music not meeting the Town’s requirements. Please inform your chosen DJ/band of the Town’s noise ordinance, which can be provided.


May I have items delivered, such as from my caterer, florist, DJ, etc.?

This must be coordinated by your caterer with Center management and must respect and not interfere with the rental periods of other guests. Other vendors (DJs, florists, etc.) must make their deliveries only during your allotted rental period. The building is used 7 days a week and we have no storage space available.


How may I decorate?

Decorations are permitted within reason and must be approved by the Center management. Decorations are permitted only in the space you have reserved. It is the responsibility of the renter to remove ALL decorations immediately after your event. The Center does not have storage facilities for your decorations prior to or following your event. No rice (including puffed rice or biodegradable rice), birdseed, natural flower petals, confetti, glitter or other similar materials may be used inside or outside the Center. Decorations may not be affixed to the walls, doors, windows, window coverings, chairs, painted surfaces or hung from the ceiling. Nothing can be placed on the outside patio without management approval. Fog machines, dry ice, and/or open flames are not permitted.

What foods may be brought in for a non-catered event?

The rental party may bring in and serve simple prepared food items. The following are examples of simple or prepared food items: boxed lunches, sandwiches, pizza, party trays, etc. No heating elements are permitted (i.e., Sternos® , chaffing dishes, hot plates, steam trays, BBQ grills, fondue pots, etc.). The renter is responsible for all setup, serving, and cleanup; all of which must occur during the rental period. Our catering kitchen is available with a signed kitchen waiver. Staff must be informed no less than ten (10) days prior to the rental period if you plan to serve any non-catered food.

Is use of the outside patio included in my rental?

Yes, the Center's side patio area (with picnic tables and umbrellas) is available for use with your rental, weather permitting. Smoking is permitted on the patio, but you are responsible for disposing of cigarette butts in the proper provided receptacle (not planters or flowerpots) and for cleaning up any outside trash. Any necessary clean-up by the Center will be deducted from the security deposit.

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