General Policies and Information


This information explains the procedures, costs, and conditions associated with leasing the Chincoteague Center. If you have any questions or need help, please call the Center at 757-336-0614 or email us at

Reservations and Deposits
To reserve a specific date, the renter is required to complete a contract lease and security deposit form signed by both the renter and the Center. A simple option checklist must be filled out to the best of the renter’s ability
. Any guidance or additional help is freely given by the Center staff. Reservations for the Center are secured by providing one half of the rental amount, the catering fee and the entire security deposit.

If less than the entire Center is rented by the client, the Center reserves the right to rent the unused area to another client for the same day. Reservations are required for all events and must be made at least 14 days in advance. Large events may require a greater lead time.

No reservation is firm until a deposit is received. As a courtesy to one day rentals, the client may rent the preceding day (same space) for half price with a noon entry for decorating purposes only.

All monies are due 30 days prior to the event, with the exception of bar services which must be paid 60 days prior to the event.

Occupancy Agreement & Deposits
All agreements for the use of the Center will be by written contract on a form provided by the Center and signed by both the Center and the person who has authority to make commitments for the event.

Contracts must be executed and a deposit for one-half the room rental, the catering fee and the security deposit received at the time of booking, with the rental balance due in full 30 days prior to the event.

Important to note: rent and deposit monies are non-refundable. See clause #19 of contract.

No use of the facility will be honored without a signed contract.

Acceptable Payment:
Payment may be made with cash, check, or any major credit card.

In addition to a deposit to reserve space, the Center may require additional deposits for additional staffing and equipment cost not covered by the rental fee. In some cases, a portion of a deposit or the full deposit may be retained if the Center has incurred expense on behalf of the lessee, or if the Center is left untidy.

Rates are based on a “four-walled policy.” The base rental fee includes normal janitorial service, heat and/or air conditioning and normal lighting. Rental fees do not include personnel services, special lighting, equipment, license fees or other similar items. If you are not sure what is included in the rental agreement, please ask Center staff before you sign the agreement. If you request additional staff, time of their arrival and departure must be stated when the agreement is submitted. Additional staff needs other than event booking appointment time and day of event staffing, may result in additional consultation fees.

Taxes and Fees:
The lessee shall be responsible for payment of state and federal taxes and all fees prescribed by law. The lessee will assume all cost related to patents, trademarks, franchise, copyrights, ASCAP or other fees related to the occupancy and use of the facility.

When fees for licenses, production or equipment rental, etc. are due from the lessee, the Center will require payment at or before the time of event.

Building Damage:
You will be charged for any damage done to the facility or its equipment by acts or negligence on the part of yourself, your employees, performers, contractors or guests.

All event advertising will be the responsibility of the lessee. However, the Chincoteague Center reserves the right to list all events at the Center in their publications and with local news / social media. Center staff will assist with advertising and promotion for a fee.

No pamphlets, inserts, or advertising matter may be distributed or displayed without prior approval by the Center and must pertain to the scheduled event in the Center. All advertising shall be honest and true and include accurate information about event times, prices, and content.

Placement of signs, banners or posters on Center premises is subject to approval.

Public Safety:
All shows must submit a floor plan at least 30 days before the opening of a show. The plan is subject to the approval of fire officials. All displays or decorating materials must be fireproof. Emergency exits and corridors leading to them must not be blocked at any time.

All crates and boxes must be removed from the premises prior to opening of a show. The disposal of such items is the responsibility of the Lessee.

No electrical or plumbing work may be done except by the Center personnel or designees.


Security personnel are not included in the rental fee. The lessee will be responsible for contracting for any security that he or she may require. The Center will assist in providing personnel upon request. All security personnel are subject to the approval of the Center.

1. The use of scotch/masking/duct tape or decals on walls, floors, partitions, doors, tables, windows, or furniture is strictly prohibited.  You may only use PAINTER’S TAPE.

2. The use of nails, tacks, brads, or other driven fasteners is prohibited.

3. The use of confetti as well as any type of Silly String product is strictly prohibited.

4. ANIMALS ARE PROHIBITED unless they are part of an attraction or provide assistance to disabled persons and then only when proper sanitary safeguards are taken.

5. Unauthorized pickets or solicitors are prohibited.

6. The lessee or his designated representative must be represented in the facility while it is in use.

7. The use of candles is permitted as long as they are DRIPLESS and in fireproof containers. Tea-lights or votives are not permitted unless they are in fire-proof containers.

8. The Center does not accept or store deliveries of freight for event unless prior permission has been given.

9. Any opening or closing of movable walls is strictly prohibited by client. Moving of walls will result in total loss of security deposit.

10. Excess trash beyond closing of dumpster will result in an additional fee of $125.00

11. Missing tables in the after-event count will result in a $95.00 charge for each table missing, due to the Center.

Catering and Concessions:
The Chincoteague Center does not assume any responsibility or liability for the service of food. All food service must be arranged between the caterer and the lessee. A charge to cover the cost of utilities, appliance wear and administration will be charged. This is the "kitchen use" fee.

Scheduling of hours and conditions for operation will be at the discretion of the Center.

The Lessee may wish to contact the Virginia Department of Health for guidelines on food handling. The phone number there is 757-787-5880.

Alcoholic/ Beverages:
The entire Chincoteague Center, including all parking areas, will at all times be under the charge and control of the Town of Chincoteague and law enforcement officials of the County and State.

No alcoholic beverages of any kind whatsoever may be sold on Center property except within the confines of the building.

Arrangements to obtain a banquet/ABC license to serve alcohol are the sole responsibility of the lessee if a private bar is requested. For private bars, a copy of the lessee’s Homeowners Insurance Policy or an Event Policy must also be provided to the Center prior to the event. All liability from private bars become the sole responsibility of the Lessee. The lessee may obtain an application for a banquet license from the Virginia ABC website:


Your caterer cannot provide alcoholic beverages, unless they have arranged and are including Bar Service in their catering job at your event.


Bottled water, sodas, coffees, iced tea, punch and pitcher water can be supplied by the Lessee directly.

Rental equipment is available from the Center or a rental agent. Lessees may rent or use his or her own equipment at their own expense. The Center does not accept deliveries of equipment made by lessees without prior written approval. An administrative fee for the use of Center-owned equipment is shown in the "equipment rental package" options on the Attachment A Rate Sheet.

All oblong tables, round tables (12), and chairs are included at no charge in your rental agreement and are provided by the Center.