Guidelines for Reduced Price Events at the Chincoteague Center


Certain organizations may be allowed to use the Chincoteague Center at no cost or for a nominal fee. While the Center can arrange to set up and clean up for an additional charge, some users may prefer to handle those tasks themselves. Contact the Center office to confirm or discuss these arrangements with the staff when planning such an event.

The following are the guidelines and responsibilities for all such users.


  • If a Center staff member is not in attendance at the event, a responsible user representative will be assigned a Center key and will be provided with the instructions for key return.

  • Chair and table carts are provided and must be used. Dragging chairs or tables across Center floors must be avoided at all times.

  • Walls, stage components and stairs can only be moved by Center staff.

  • The use of duct tape, scotch tape, glue and other permanent fixatives on all Center surfaces is to be avoided at all times.

  • Nothing can be affixed to the Center draperies by the use of safety pins, staples or any type of fasteners.

  • Water pools or fountains, open candles, silly string and particulate materials such as sand, confetti, rice, bird seed, etc. are not allowed.

  • If alcohol is served, the user agrees to be responsible for observing all state and local laws regarding the alcohol service.

  • In the event of an emergency, immediately call 911 and alert the dispatcher at the police station across the street in the Town Office.

  • The Center -- including the kitchen, trash receptacles and restrooms, must be left in the condition it was prior to the event.

  • All trash, including discarded food items, must be bagged and placed in the outside dumpster. Overfilling the dumpster may result in an additional charge.

  • All lights must be turned off, and the Center must be fully secured when event ends.