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Renting the Chincoteague Center


There are endless possibilities of size combinations available at the Chincoteague Center. The staff is available by phone or email to help determine what size and services you will need so feel free to contact us at 757-336-6519 for more details.

Dates for events are often booked a year+ in advance, so please keep that in mind if a certain date is needed. To reserve a date, a non refundable holding fee of $150.00 is required. This fee is to "lock in" your date. If you elect to proceed to a formal Rental Booking Agreement the holding fee will be applied to your formal scheduled payment   Again, please feel free to contact our experienced staff to help with pricing.

Weddings are required to rent the Main Hall or Entire center. Classroom rental is available Monday through Thursday only.  

All events must be catered by a licensed food service or a signed Indemnification Kitchen Waiver will be required and enforced.

A reduced fee of half the rental price is available for a proceeding day rental which may be needed for decorating and coordinating your event. For example: if you are renting the entire center at $1800.00, the proceeding half day rental fee would be $900.00.

Renting the Center, in any size, gives you the building from 9:00 am to 11pm on the day of the rental. The preceding day rental gives you the building from 12:00am until 5:00pm (unless other arrangements are made) for decorating and preparation only.

Again, please call us for more details on fees for any service, so we may assist you in choosing the best option for your event!

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