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Security Deposit Refund Conditions

A $250.00 security deposit is required which is fully refundable within thirty days after the end of the event if:

  • The Center, inside and outside, is left intact without damage.

  • If the renter has elected to perform set-up and clean up responsibilities:

    • The Center, kitchen and restrooms are left in the condition in which they were prior to the event.

    • Chairs and tables are stacked and stored as directed by the Center.

    • All trash, including discarded food items, is bagged and placed in the dumpster.

    • All decorating materials are removed.

 The following will result in the forfeit by the renter of the security deposit:

  • Cancellation of the event by the client prior to making full rental payment.

  • Trash in excess of dumpster capacity.

  • Any Center damage or losses incurred during the event.

  • Opening or closing of move-able walls, or moving stage components or stairs by someone other than Center staff.

  • The use of duct or adhesive tape (other than blue painter’s tape), nails, staples, screws, glue or pins on any surfaces or draperies.

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